Morpheus Risk is secure by design and resilient by nature


You’re only as good as your last decision

morpheus is a risk & security consultancy

The global pandemic and the consequent economic uncertainty have highlighted more than ever the critical need for companies to have effective business continuity plans that will enable them to adapt and thrive in any situation whilst ensuring minimum outlay and maximum protection.

secure by design, resilient by nature

Morpheus’s expertise is built on lived experience not borrowed knowledge.

We ensure your organisation is secure by design, resilient by nature and able to achieve enduring business continuity.

It’s 2am and you get “the call” - your whole organisation has been hacked. The next 30 minutes could be the biggest of your career.

we are built on lived experience not borrowed knowledge
We have a unique blend of security professionals and business executives who operate at the highest level.
we solve business problems and deliver secure outcomes
Our expertise covers:


From disciplinary to complex criminal offences such as fraud, corruption, modern slavery and insider threat – including a comprehensive insider threat programme. Specialist investigative expertise in the mining and oil and gas sector.


Real world and cyber threat advisor from terrorism to ransomware pre/during/post event. Training for Board and NEDs. The creation of playbooks for different scenarios both real and virtual world.


Review and maturity threat assessments of individuals, networks, facilities and location including supply chain integrity. Real and virtual world penetration testing.

our approach - a film

Engage us and have peace of mind.

The question we should all be asking is... can I afford to NOT protect my data?


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